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Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn Maker + Pre-Measured Popcorn Packs (10 count)

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Product Details

Like The Godfather, this is the Ultimate Package. If you love Popcorn then we're making you an offer you can't refuse.

** each order comes with a 10 pack of popcorn portion packs.  That's 10 really big bowls of popcorn, nearly 20 bags of microwaved popcorn!

It's time to ditch the microwave bag and bring everybody together around the full complement of your next and best movie night.  The sizzle and pop rattling out of your new Franklin's popper and the wonderful taste of perfect popcorn is all right here.

Stove-top popping is easy, foolproof, and fun when you use a Franklin's Stovetop Popcorn Maker. Just follow the directions, use quality ingredients, and you’ll have perfect Movie Theater Popcorn every time.

Perfect popcorn comes down to using high-quality popping corn, flavorful coconut oil, and a generous amount of seasoned salt. Lucky for you, we’ve included all three in this ready-to-pop bundle.

It starts with fresh from-the-farm popcorn kernels in your choice of Classic or Organic varieties. We’ve walked the farmland with our farmers in Missouri and Iowa, and we’re confident that these popcorn strains are movie theater dupes (just better quality!). For that nostalgic flavor, you’ll want to pop those kernels in our buttery, vegan Butter Flavored Coconut Oil that makes for perfectly fluffy & light popcorn. Finally, we all know that movie theaters don’t hold back on seasoning. Our Butter Flavored Salt does double duty, delivering just the right level of buttery richness and salty goodness.

This bundle includes everything you need for perfectly popped, expertly seasoned popcorn that’s bursting with flavor (and that tastes exactly like what you get in theaters). Add all three ingredients to a Franklin's Whirley Pop (or your preferred popper) and you’ve got a foolproof way to make delicious popcorn every time.


Classic Popcorn
•Popping Corn

Organic Popcorn
•Certified Organic Popping Corn

Butter Flavored Salt
• Salt, Artificial Butter Flavor, Riboflavin

Coconut Oil
•Coconut Oil, Artificial Butter Flavor, Beta Carotene (for color)

Why You'll Love It

• It’s the only way to get the movie theater flavor, texture, and experience you crave at home
•Pop it your way! We love the ease of adding all three ingredients to our Whirley Pop popper, but they work just as well with any stovetop popper, the microwave, or even countertop popcorn machines
•Clean ingredients and classic flavor start with our GMO-free popping corn that’s grown on family farms in the American Midwest.
•And because there’s no reason to hide premium kernels with junky additives, we keep our Butter Flavored Coconut Oil & Butter Flavored Salt clean too
•Franklin’s Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident that you’ll love our Movie Night Bundle that we’ll give your money back if you’re not 100% thrilled with your purchase. Simply contact us for a refund. No tricks, we just believe in our product that much
  • Grown in Iowa
  • Packaged in Wisconsin
  • True Farm To Table

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Size Popcorn Machine is Right For Me?

    Each of our popcorn machines makes about 12 total poppings per hour.   Every ounce of popcorn is equal to one serving (a small bag of corn). Our popcorn machines are listed by how many ounces they can pop at one time, so the larger the kettle size (ex. 12 oz kettles) the more you can pop. We recommend 6 oz. and under for home use, 8-12 oz. for offices or serious popcorn enthusiasts, and 12 oz. or larger for theaters or rentals. Remember, you'll be able to put 2-3 poppings of corn in the cabinet to stay warm when you're being rushed for popcorn!    
  • What Makes the Hard Coat Anodized Kettles a Better Investment?

    A hard anodized kettle is easy to clean, easy to use, and most importantly, very hard to scorch or burn from over heating. A good quality kettle will last for years. The aluminum kettles on our higher-grade machines provide the best transfer of energy for an even, quick cook of your kernels. Just like your best non-stick pan at home, the anodized coating makes the machine’s kettle easy to wipe out and clean, so your popcorn always tastes fresh.
  • What Causes Kernels of Popping Corn to Pop Anyway?

    Inside each kernel of corn is a small amount of moisture.  When that moisture is heated it up and turns to steam the pressure of the steam expanding causes each kernel to expand and explode.  A popcorn kernel turns inside out and reveals its soft tender inside. 
  • How Long Does it Take to Pop Popcorn in A Popcorn Machine?

    Your popcorn machine will take about 5-7 minutes to heat up the kettle to be ready to pop.  Simply add the contents of a portion pack and you'll have popcorn in about 4-5 minutes.
  • What Oil is Best for Cooking Popcorn?

    We prefer our butter flavored coconut oil which you can check out here:   You can also use canola oil, peanut oil, and other high heat oils.  Olive oil and butter will burn and ruin your kettle.
  • Can You Clean a Popcorn Machine?

    Most kettles can just be wiped out with a paper towel or rag.  Never submerge or use harsh chemicals in a kettle cleaning. The tempered glass, steel, etc are easy to wipe down and we recommend a simple vinegar and water solution to keep things fresh and not transfer chemical tastes to your popcorn. DO NOT put your Whirley Pop in the dishwasher.  Please hand clean with a mild detergent to keep  the finish on the base.
  • The Coconut Oil is solid, is something wrong with it?

    Coconut oil usually stays solid during most room and cooler temperatures.  In the summer you'll probably see it turn to liquid.  When you add that coconut oil to heat it will melt like butter.
  • How Long Will Portion Packs Last Before Going Stale?

    A portion pack, if unopened will last about a full year.  We put a maximum freshness date on each case of corn but if you keep your popcorn in a sealed, cool, dry place, it will last long after the date. Do not store your portion packs or corn in the fridge!  It will dry out the corn and make it unable to pop!
  • Are Franklin's Portion Packs and Butter Salt kosher?

    Yes.  You can see our Kosher and Organic Certifications for our popcorn, portion packs, and other products HERE.

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