Who's Franklin?

Sometimes people ask us, “Hey, which one of you guys is Franklin?”

And the best we can do is pull out this old photo of Franklin from the wallet of Dave, our President and co-founder: 

Franklin was Dave’s grandfather. And when it was time for us to pick a name for our company, we knew there was only one option: Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn.

And that’s not because he was a corn farmer or a chef or a cinema insider who gave away the local theater’s secret recipe.

It’s because he was a loving family man, hard-working businessman, and friend to many.

His absolute favorite way to show love was through food. In fact, nothing made Franklin happier than delivering delight on a plate to his friends. Whether he had taken them out to his favorite restaurant as a treat or popped them a bowl of homemade popcorn, Franklin understood the pleasure of food and friendship.

Here are a few other things you may want to know about Franklin:

  1. He was a proud World War II vet
  2. After the war, he started working as a restaurant supply salesman (only fitting for a man whose love language was food!)
  3. Franklin only sold high-quality products that he believed in (and that’s so important to us now at Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn)

Even though Franklin isn’t here anymore, we always try to bring his values to life. He’s why we source popcorn from small, Midwest farms. He’s why we deliver exceptional service to our customers. And he’s why we’re committed to helping our customers make the kind of delicious popcorn that they remember from their childhood.


Dave's Grandfather, Franklin.