Our Company

 Popcorn for (and by) Popcorn Geeks

Franklin’s co-founders Tal and Dave (yep, we’re two proud popcorn geeks!) have been working together and selling popcorn for over 20 years.

But it only took a couple of months for us to realize that nobody was making the kind of popcorn we craved the most—perfectly fluffy, buttery, fresh movie theater popcorn.

With all the other brands of stovetop, microwavable, and bagged popcorn leaving us disappointed (and, to be honest, a little bit bloated!), we decided to develop our own. After years of tasty research, we launched Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn.

Now we’re proud to make the kind of popcorn, poppers, and seasonings that are loved by fellow popcorn junkies.

And if you’re not quite at the Popcorn Geek level yet, well, we think that trying our popcorn might change your mind…

We make the best-tasting popcorn in the world by:

  • Working directly with family-owned farms to source the absolute best-tasting, non-GMO popcorn kernels grown on American soil (seriously, Dave even survived his first tractor ride in search of our Classic Popping Corn). All of our corn is grown in Iowa or Missouri and packaged in Wisconsin (which means you get the true farm-to-bowl experience)

  • Thinking through every aspect of the Movie Night experience from taste to texture and smell to seasoning. This endless pursuit of theater-worthy flavor has led us to develop premium versions of the buttery, salty flavor-boosters we all associate with movie theater popcorn

  • Refusing to sacrifice quality for flavor (and vice versa!). What’s the point of eating Organic if it tastes like microwaved cardboard? And what’s the point of using a “buttery” topper that’s really just a bunch of chemicals mixed with food dye? We believe that junk-food flavor and health-store quality can go together (and we think the proof is in our product line!)

We’re Tiny but Mighty (kinda like popcorn)

We’re a tiny but mighty team over here at Franklin’s. And while our Seattle crew may disagree on their favorite local sports team, there’s one thing we all agree on…

Special moments deserve special popcorn.

Our team is truly obsessed with popcorn. Tal blames his clinical popcorn obsession on Dollar Tuesday popcorn deals at his hometown movie theater, but we all have our own reasons to justify eating popcorn for dinner!

Our latest obsession is making sure that home movie nights are fun, easy, and delicious (and filled with big smiles and mouth-watering smells).

We’ve tested and tasted every product we offer on our website. And trust us, we won’t sell it unless we’re absolutely obsessed with the end result! So if you ever have a question about our products or a problem with your order, just reach out to us and one of our certified popcorn geeks will take care of everything right away.

As always, let us know if there’s ever anything we can do to give your everyday moments an extra sprinkle of movie magic. We want you to experience the red-carpet treatment both before and after your purchase.