The Franklin's Way

There's no better way to enjoy a relaxing night at home than to get settled in front of the TV with friends or family members and watch a film while snacking on popcorn. At Franklin’s, we offer supplies to make this beloved snack whenever you'd like.


Although they are popular around the world, movie theater snacks can sometimes be unhealthy. When you pop corn at home in the traditional way with one of our poppers, it's easier to create a healthier snack your family will love. We also sell a wide assortment of popcorn machines with temperature controls and automated functionality that'll offer consistently mouthwatering results with every use. Start shopping today and make every movie night special.


In addition to serving customers who want to enjoy a movie theater-like experience at home, we have products geared towards people who manage professional cinemas. Regardless if you need containers like bags and boxes, scoops, or portion packs to help you pop corn while using with the correct amount of oil, we have those popcorn supplies, along with cleaning kits to simplify maintenance.


If you’re looking for an industrial strength machine for your well-established theater or just want to enjoy the distinctive and satisfying taste of popcorn during a movie night in your living room, we have products to help you make this snack efficiently wherever you are. In addition to offering wholesale prices, we provide volume discounts and a full assortment of specialized items for your convenience.