What's Poppin?

The Whirley Pop


  Our Franklin's Whirley Pop is the best way to make popcorn at home.  The brushed black design and all metal gears means it will be stylish but its also going to last you a long time.

   Simply add the contents of a 2 or 4 oz Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Portion pack, put the kettle over medium high heat, wait for the sizzling first pops and gentle crank the handle until you have a kettle full of delicious popcorn.  You can also simply open the lid and add some mix-ins, seasonings, or flavorings and make gourmet popcorn at home. 

Making popcorn in a microwave might be convenient but in just a couple more minutes and a Franklin's Whirley Pop you can be eating delicious, natural, and better for you popcorn without all the chemicals and cheap fats that store bought microwave popcorn is filled with.

  Trust us, take your time and enjoy making popcorn at home with your family.  You'll never make it any other way.

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