Paragon: Made in the USA

Paragon: Made in the USA


  We thought we'd take a moment and spotlight our partner and the maker of our favorite popcorn machines, Paragon International Manufacturers.

45 years of making quality snack machines and Paragon continues to do it the same way in the same town that they started.   Among the family owned corn fields of Iowa you'll find the town of Nevada (pronounced NeVAYda) where Paragon has been cutting, making, testing, and assembling popcorn machines with care, love, and attention to detail.




We love every opportunity we have to walk the floor, talk to the team.  Every time you order a machine it's custom assembled and out the door in 24 hours.  Their warehouse is expansive but everyone loves what they do.  There's a family feel and a focus on quality that shines in every product and employee. 

When we started Franklin's Popcorn we were inspired by the Paragon team's attention to quality and customer service and are happy to consider them not only a partner in our business but also one of the true leaders with us in doing business the right way and with the right people.

   People ask me why they should spend a little extra money and get themselves a Paragon machine all the time.  I tell them that nobody will go the extra mile to make sure not only what you get in your hands is the best popcorn machine on the market but will be there every step of the way if there is ever a problem.  There's a reason we've had the same Paragon machine in our office for over 10 years and works as well as the day we've got it.  They are simply the best.