Franklin's Popcorn 2.0

Franklin's Popcorn 2.0

Some huge things have been shaking loose around here as we've slowly undergone what we think is the best website experience this side of your favorite cornfield.

We've done a few things that we hope help you enjoy your popcorn experience:

We're introducing subscriptions!  

   So many of you have been loyal customers for so long that it's my pleasure to give you a discount.  And not only will you get a discount, but you'll have your own exclusive login that will give you access to add products to future subscriptions!   We're also going to make sure our subscribers get new access to new products.


We've upgraded our reviews system - leave us a video!

One of the best ways to enjoy popcorn is see what OTHER people are doing on it.  We'll be having a big party on social media in the future, but for now, we wanted to make sure your thoughts and reviews are captured however you want to share them.  You can now upload video reviews!

New Products are coming!

By popular demand we're bringing back shake on seasonings and new buttery popcorn toppings.  Look for our flier in future purchases to get a sneak peek!


Classic Popcorn is now available!

Many of you have been purchasing our organic packs for years.  But after years of careful research we've found the popcorn seed with the juiciest and most corn flavor we could find.  We've been popping it up big and fluffy and crunchy as heck.  We think its the best popcorn on the planet.  Try some!