What's Poppin?

Why Coconut Oil?


   There is no better fat on the planet for making popcorn than coconut oil.  We use 100 percent coconut oil because not only is it more healthy than other fats, but it is the only way to give popcorn the distinctive and decadent flavor of butter without using actual butter.

   Why not actual butter?  Each fat has different melting and smoking points that can either lead you to delicious food or a smokey kitchen disaster.   The moisture inside your popcorn has to get to a certain temperature to pop and nothing holds higher and better heat longer than coconut oil.  

  Lots of other cheaper popcorn brands use canola oil (Even your local theater probably does) and while it does the job of heating up to pop your corn it does not have the deep and smooth taste of coconut oil.  Popcorn cooked with canola will have a tinny or sharp after taste that leaves you unsatisfied.  This is why you're asked if you want butter flavoring or find yourself adding melted butter to microwave popcorn, you're having to add extra fat to get the flavor.

  By using coconut oil we're putting flavor right up front and not asking you to ladle on even more fat and calories to make it taste good.  Trust us, use coconut oil.  It will pop right every time and taste great without added fat or calories.



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