What's Poppin?

No Salt Seasonings


  When you pick up any bottle of seasoning salt of any flavor at your local store or at the theater we guarantee you that one of the first ingredients listed is going to be salt.  But do you really need extra salt to give your already salted popcorn great flavor?

  So we asked ourselves "Can we take the extra salt out and just add flavor to great popcorn?" and went to work testing and trying different flavors and experimenting with a product that would compliment our already great tasting popcorn packs and our premium butter salt.

   We think we've nailed it.  Each of our shake on's offers a distinct flavor that compliments the great tasting corn without eclipsing it and provides a tasty note to already great tasting popcorn.  We focused on the most popular flavors at first: Buffalo wings, garlic bread, ranch, cheddar, and then created the decadent "extra butter" flavor for another spike of buttery lusciousness on your popcorn.

 But its not just popcorn....

Then ...we got a little crazy.  And we wanted to make you a list of all the OTHER things we've tried putting our seasonings on....

1. Pasta
2. Pizza Topping
3. Salads
4. Burgers
5. Chips and Dip

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